Using Google analitycs Increase Your E-Commerce

Google analytics, is a super powerful tool that not only helps you understand the traffic to your websites, but at the same time helps you understand what are the bottle necks or flaws that are present and causing the delay in clicks’ conversion to money.

  • Find your major traffic source and prioritize accordingly:

This is a major contributing thing to your profits. Many businesses assume that their being present on social media platforms means that they are viral. They miss the fact that their presence at some platforms is actually bringing them customers while some is of no use. They need to understand and find out the major generators of traffic and implement their marketing strategy accordingly.

  • Identify page wise performance:

Different pages of your website may click differently with different kinds of customers. Google analytics can help you identify what kind of pages are giving the desired results and which pages are ineffective. This will; help you align your impact marketing strategy according to the effects they are having on customers.

  • Find the products that are making you money:

Every service has products that sell a lot more than the rest of the products. This identification of the right product helps you understand the customer behavior pattern and customer preferences. Once the business has identified the products they can align them accordingly. The products can be placed with least selling product and it might grab attention of the visiting customers. Some products do not sell at all. Google analytics can help in determining which products are the white elephants and the company can divest or discontinue it.

Google analytics provide you with an enhanced data that has been collected from your site. The information gathered from the analysis can help divert the right kind of traffic to the right product in the most appropriate way. This way the company can identify their cash cows and the products that require their attention. The proper analysis will help you identify trends and consumer behavior patterns and this information will help you devise your marketing strategy the right way. Consumers end up impulse buying in many cases. The analytics will help you identify the right kind of combination that you need to organize your products to convert the visits to actual shopping trips and clicks to real money.

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